Solutions Creating a Competitive Edge

Digia's services for customers in Finland cover all stages of customer processes, providing a competitive edge in service development, production management and information use.

Tough market in Finland

The domestic IT market grew slightly in 2014. The gloomy economic conditions made customers cautious, delaying decisions and the start of new projects. Healthy demand for ERP and integration solutions was somewhat offset by fierce competition.

Cross-sector expertise

Mounting competition, a technological revolution (particularly in the retail and service industry), and sudden changes in consumer behaviour require industry players to be highly adaptable. As manufacturers increasingly transform into service providers and digitisation gains ground, our customers’ earnings logics and employee competence requirements are also changing.

Our in-depth cross-sector expertise enables us to apply best practices and adopt new service innovations in our rapidly changing business environment.

Locally, close to customers' everyday lives

Expert personnel and the ability to react and make decisions quickly, close to the customer, are the cornerstones of Digia's business. Digia’s solid international partnerships, market knowledge and product development in selected areas provide the optimal product and service mix. We are responding to growing price competition with new service innovations and productised solutions.