Mission, Vision and Strategy

Mission: With our inventive solutions we bring success to people, businesses and communities in their everyday lives.

Our software and services form an important element within the society. We build these to help people expand the horizons of their daily lives and make the most of every day.

Vision: Successful and most recommended

  • We are the most highly recommended IT software and services company in Finland, growing strongly both at home and abroad.
  • Our development is guided by the changing everyday lives of our customers.
  • We provide solutions that benefit our customers’ businesses.
  • We combine ability, passion and technology, and work together.
  • The result is solutions that work as promised.


  • We supplement our existing product selection with scalable business models for accelerated growth, by turning services into replicable, sector-specific solutions and the related services. In addition, we develop software and services for international online sale.
  • To ensure a steady cash flow and moderate growth, we take steps to keep our service business competitive and technologically advanced.
  • We balance short-term earning power with long-term sustainable growth through careful investment management.
  • We emphasise personnel motivation and commitment, and enhance the company’s image as an attractive employer.