Customer Promise Leads the Way in Human Resources Development

Skilled and motivated personnel are the cornerstone of Digia's success. Good leadership has been proven to have a direct impact on staff motivation and, consequently, an entire organisation’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

Our strategy-based customer promises – ability with passion, together, as promised – show the way for our human resources development efforts. Our objective is to provide a first-class customer experience.

Digia Leadership Academy supports good leadership

The Digia Leadership Academy is a joint effort with Aalto Executive Education, designed to support and drive managerial and leadership development in line with our strategy. The key themes of this training include effective management-team work, leadership skills in strategy implementation, and the implementation and management of customer-driven operations.

The management and leadership project is being implemented over a two-year period in 2013–2014. Intended to generate competitive advantage through leadership, the project culminated in spring 2014 with a presentation of development projects that will affect the entire organisation. Approximately 70 managers and supervisors from all levels of the organisation took part in the training.

Digia Learning Academy focuses on competence development

The training programmes offered by Digia Learning Academy continued in 2014. The Academy offers training to personnel in support of strategic competence development. These training programmes strengthen expertise and knowledge sharing and promote a culture of doing things together. The Digia Learning Academy focuses on effective teamwork and successful projects.

In 2015, our culture of engagement and teamwork will be supported through facilitation. The related training themes are linked to management, the ability to identify customer needs, various group work situations, and a deeper understanding of shared goals.

Digia Awards rewards people for showing the way

At Digia, people are rewarded for good performances. The Digia Awards incentive scheme was launched to offer recognition for work well done, a positive can-do attitude, and exemplary conduct. The candidates are nominated by the employees themselves – anyone can vote for any Digia employee. The awards consist of varying sums of money at individual, team and project level.

Digia Career Compass provides opportunities for young talents

In 2014, Digia launched Career Compass, a recruitment programme for young people and recent graduates, which helped Digia to recruit twenty talented young people. The programme also fostered Digia's employer image and its co-operation with educational institutions in various locations. Career Compass is a programme targeting talented young students who want to excel in the ICT industry.

This provides students with exposure to Digia's business and processes, and the opportunity to learn about the business practices and culture of a modern high-tech company.