What’s Up Digia

At the end of 2014, Digia employed 932 people, 84 per cent of whom worked in Finland and 16 per cent abroad. A global What’s Up Digia survey and semi-annual SYKE measurements are conducted to monitor employee satisfaction.

Strong in teamwork and supervision

According to the respondents, Digia's strengths include teamwork and team leadership. Employee commitment is high. Employees have strong faith in Digia's success, they think Digia offers high-quality products and services, and feel that they have a say in matters concerning their work. Similarly, workloads are considered appropriate. Fair treatment and appreciation by supervisors are perceived as major strengths.

The response rate to the What’s Up Digia survey was 77 per cent. The results were analysed by the management, supervisors and teams, and action plans for 2014 were prepared. Working together, working ability management, and more efficient internal job rotation were set as the key priority areas for development work in 2014.

In 2015, we will continue to pursue the "working together" theme in order to build an inspiring, engaging and energising work community, which is the key to creating a premium customer experience. Coaching offered to supervisors is another major development area.