Working Ability Management Helps to Maintain a Balance in Daily Life

Digia has taken various steps to help employees cope at work and find a balance in daily life. These include effective team leadership, extensive occupational health care services, and support for employees' healthy lifestyles and recreational clubs.

Focus on work ability

Work ability management focuses on preventive actions and overall wellbeing at work. This is done through the early identification of debilitating factors and by taking corrective action in accordance with Digia’s Good Work Ability initiative.

In 2014, special attention was paid to preventive work ability management. Training on an early intervention model was provided to supervisors, and tools were offered in support of supervisory work and communication. The positive results of these actions include a reduction in the amount of sick leave taken. Co-operation with occupational health care and the pension company was further developed.

Other ways of helping employees to cope at work include fostering a positive team spirit and promoting team work and information exchange.

Digia offers employees flexible work terms, in order to help them achieve a balance in daily life. Working overtime is not company policy, and employees with small children are offered assistance if a child is sick.

A wide range opportunities for fitness and recreational activities

Employees are encouraged to actively engage in sports and other recreational activities. The OpenClub offers a number of activities to choose from, such as music, ice swimming, poker and theatre trips.

Digia personnel have actively participated in the HeiaHeia! exercise campaign, and the running school has offered valuable tips on how to get start and improve your running technique.