Future Prospects

The company expects the IT market in Finland to remain at roughly the previous year’s level in 2015.

The objective in the Digia’s domestic business is to raise annual profitability to a good level, and to achieve organic growth at least equivalent to general market development. Besides organic growth, the company actively pursues opportunities to make carefully considered business acquisitions that support its strategy.

Efforts will continue to develop Digia’s customer understanding and sales and service portfolio to ensure that it can offer increasingly competitive services and solutions for boosting its customers’ business efficiency.

Digia expects healthy demand to continue in the domestic business, and net sales to grow slightly in 2015 from the previous year. Domestic business is also expected to be at least moderately profitable. However, historically the company's profitability has always been weaker in the first than in the final quarter.

In the Qt business, operational focus is on sales development and on creating better growth opportunities. Besides making growth-targeted investments, Digia is also keeping a close eye on business profitability.

The Qt order book is satisfactory, considering the time of year and general market situation, and the company expects to see continued growth in demand in the large customer segment. However, contract turnaround times in these markets are very long, which can cause significant fluctuation in quarterly net sales and, particularly, profitability.

Digia will continue to invest significantly in Qt business and sales development. Business development efforts will focus on embedded systems in automotive, digital TV and DTV receivers, and in industrial automation and industrial products. Areas targeted in product development include value-added features and tools required for building embedded systems.

The sales growth associated with embedded systems will also reflect on the earnings logic. Licence revenue from these sales accumulates over the longer term rather than representing a one-time payment.

Digia expects the Qt business to grow its net sales in 2015 from the previous year, and to generate a slight operating profit for the full year.